Number Series Questions

Don’t you think there can be thousands of varieties of question-related to the number series, so it becomes too difficult to have a command on this topic? But don’t worry truth is most of the question comes from a few topics. so, in this post, I am going to teach you those few concepts and tricks by applying them you will be able to solve the most number of questions.

Mixture and Alligation

Mixture and alligation is a very important topic from the competitive examination point of view. From CAT, Bank PO, SSC, GATE to group D in every exam questions are asked on this topic. In this post, I have explained basic concepts and formula along with the variety of solved example.

Profit and Loss questions

One of the important and easy math topics is profit and loss. Learn how to solve a variety of profit and loss questions. In this post, I have explained all the concepts, formulas and tricks in the step by step manner.

Mean, Median, Mode and Range: Mean,median, mode relation

Mean, median, mode and range are commonly used terms in math and statistics. In this post, I have explained the significance and meaning of these terms along with all the related concepts and formulas. At the end of every topic, a variety of questions are solved.

Speed, Distance and Time

Speed, distance and time are one of the most important topics in every competitive exam. It is also very common in our daily life. From this topic, a variety of questions can be formed so, it becomes necessary to grasp the concept. In this post, I have explained all the basic concepts and tricks from this topic along with a variety of solved examples.

Linear Equation in Two Variables

Believe me, whether you are studying in 6th standard or studying in post-graduation, you need to solve equation not only in math but also in other subjects like physics, chemistry etc. In this post, I have explained a clear definition of a linear equation and its graphical representation. Most importantly how to solve linear equations in a few seconds.